A Foray Into Farming with Hannah Owens + Cilantro Sauce


In Virginia there is a farm run by one woman. She started her small farm out of a desire to know where the chicken she ate came from and  because she couldn’t find any quality chicken in her area. Hannah Owens, of Monrovia, CA, worked for this farm during  Fall 2014 through the organization World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farming (WWOOF).  I recently spent some time with Hannah discussing farming across the United States, WWOOF, and how she feels connected to the land. Hannah’s parents ...

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Mandarin Orange Soy Ginger Kale Salad


The month of March is about Spring and all that comes with it. For some it’s spring cleaning and gardening, while others celebrate St. Patrick’s day, but it’s also Women’s History Month. The stories and recipes that we are going to share with you this month are focused on introducing you to powerful women who understand the importance of the land. But first, a note on salads. I think salads are boring. And when I meet people who say they love salads, I often don’t believe them. This ...

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An interview with artist Phaedra Taylor + homemade kimchi


Phaedra Taylor, artist, mom, and wife to the Director of Fuller Theological Seminary’s Brehm Center for the Arts in Texas. The couple, along with their daughter, recently moved back to Texas after spending a few years in North Carolina, where David was finishing his PhD. I met the couple many years ago in Texas. Phaedra’s presence was captivating and I wanted to know more about her art and the way how she lives a sustainably. I am so honored that she decided to share her story with Mary Lee ...

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Living Luxe: Gluten Free and Lactose Free Recipes

Today, I want to introduce you to Living Luxe Gluten Free, a company dedicated to creating recipes that are gluten and lactose free. Michelle Lee, the recipe creator, recently released a cookbook and shared it with Mary Lee Kitchen.  The cover is beautiful. The photos inside, mesmerizing. I was so excited to get into the kitchen and try one of the recipes.  Michelle’s recipes are heavily influenced by her time she spent in Spain. The spices and aroma of each dish filled my kitchen and I could ...

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Offbeat + Inspired shares Coffee + Maple Spiced Nuts


As some of the country is preparing for even more cold weather this weekend, we want to encourage you to recreate this wonderful snack.  We are so excited to share with you Offbeat + Inspired's recipe for Coffee + Maple Spiced Nuts! This recipe is a great one to warm you and your loved ones up this weekend. Coffee + Maple Spiced Nuts Recipe Type: Snack Cuisine: Gluten Free Corn Free Author: Offbeat + Inspired Prep time: 10 mins Cook time: 20 mins Total time: 30 ...

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